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- "Instead, to Werner’s clear disappointment, it is Benedict Cumberbatch’s long charcoal overcoat and blue scarf that transfix me.

I would never regard myself as a Cumberbitch (the nickname given to the actor’s legion of female fans), but seeing the coat, which in the BBC series is more symbolic of the character than the deerstalker could ever be, gives me a tingle up and down my spine. Now that is a mystery worthy of the great detective."

Ha, I saw that actual coat in person on the actual body double (sadly, not BC himself) when they were taking pre-filming pictures on location. There was no glass case in the way. I could have touched it (I was this close)... and to my utter mortification I just realised I don't even remember if the guy wearing it smiled at me or ignored me or was annoyed at the attention or what... gah!
Sherlock (BBC)
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