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This was an extremely odd, disturbing film and I can’t really say I liked it. I was expecting a thriller, but the story only pulled itself together after an hour, and 10 minutes later they had already spent all their shot, so it left the second half to descend into some weird psycho-drama intimate theatre thingy character play. I mean, Ben Affleck’s character was just such a huge moron throughout the film! It was more or less impossible to like him during the first half, and just as we got to the turning point… Well, I don’t want to spoil this for you. Let’s just say: he should have run when he had the chance. It was misplaced chivalry to stay at first and later it was just damn stupidity. I kept talking to the screen telling him to get out while he still could.
Anyway, the acting was ok, though I have to say the girls were by far the best. Rosamund Pike delivered a bone-chilling performance, Carrie Coon was great and even the girl at the motel or whatever that was, was brilliant.
The script was too long. It needs a trim. The whole film could have been cut down by about 20 minutes at the least. Visually, this was very well-made. Great lighting. Decent make-up. Good effects. Really solid. But it lacked everything a thriller needs. In fact, I was so bored in parts that I started playing 2048, something I generally do not do while watching a film.
So: Don’t expect too much here, but settle in for some great acting to get you over the strange and puzzling story.
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