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Well, this wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m not sure how they managed a PG-13 rating, though. This IS pretty gruesome. Anyway, this looked kind of like a GOT/Hobbit-crossover with Charles Dance and the kid who played Rickon Stark (and probably others) as well as Luke Evans. Seemed to me like they picked the seconds or thirds in line, paygrade-wise so they could spend more on visual effects. Should have invested a little more money in the script instead: The story wasn’t bad per se, but there were just too many stupid, brainless mistakes. Dracula kept making the wrong decisions and the end sort of voided most of what he did, anyway. Still, the story didn’t turn out as frustrating as with a lot of other dumb films I’ve seen and – surprisingly - it even made for some pretty thrilling stretches.
So, back to the effects: Visually, this was quite good. Well within the standard range of Hobbit and Co. I grant them that the effects and CGI-work looked really cool. Costumes, too. But they should have chosen their shots and lenses a bit better. There were some instances where the visual distortion due to the lens was certainly not intentional. Otherwise, the camera work was ok. Editing too. I congratulate them on keeping this as long (or as short) as this needed to be and not a minute longer. Lighting and make-up could have been better, though.
What I loved was the score. It was perfectly obvious from the start that it was by Ramin Djawadi, who is a genius IMO. His style is very distinct. I’m definitely going to listen to it a few times.
So, at 90 minutes the perfect runtime for one-time evening entertainment if you aren’t looking for anything too brainy. (I’d definitely take this over Godzilla anytime.) Curiously, I’m actually kind of looking forward to the sequel they implied…
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