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I watched this with my friends in Munich last weekend. It's definitely not a movie I would have gone to see of my own accord, being so full of violence and a completely silly story. This was the kind of dumb movie that I could have seen myself walking out of. Sure, it had entertainment value of sorts, but of a pedestrian, vicious kind that does not appeal to me at all. The actors were good, though. I love Colin Firth (though I can't see for the life of me why he keeps making such bad choices in his rolls in recent years). Samuel L. Jackson was funny to see with his natural lisp. Mark Strong was absolutely lovely as Merlin. I adored him in that role, gentle and human for once (up to a point). Such a change from the villains he normally portrays. Anyway, what I found most impressive was the transformation from street kid to gentleman. The cloths do really make a person. And the bearing, too. I found that actually quite inspirational.
Anyway, the script was beyond stupid. Visually, they did well with exceptional camera work. The fight choreographies looked amazing and the editing was great. I was impressed by Colin Firth's fitness and agility, as well as the kid's. But the make-up-department fucked up on a number of things. Though I congratulate them on their daring when they let Colin keep that little spot on his chin, any thirteen-year-old girl could have done better with that zit on Eggsy's neck in the end.
I really loved both the score and the soundtrack, though.
So, not a film I'd recommend for people like me, though I can (sadly) see that there are certainly people who'll like this. I grant them that Colin had a certain coolness that was hard to resist, but the violence and questionable humour were just too much.
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