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woah, what nonsense. I wonder why they keep dishonouring the original by producing cheap rip-offs. I only watched this because somebody said it was actually decent, but though it's probably better than Dragonheart 2, it's nowhere near a good film. The plot was both disappointingly predictable and surprisingly original, but the story was poorly executed in extremely bad writing. It looked like a play half of the time and like it was the first work of a newby author. Everything seemed so disjointed and it just grated on my nerves that they tried to re-create the original constellation of characters through these pale, soulless copies
It's not the actors' fault. They were decent enough, but not mind-blowing. Just kids mucking about in the woods.
The visuals were meh with substandard animations and abysmal make-up.
All in all, absolutely forgettable.
Tags: film review

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