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I just KNEW this wouldn’t work. Like the Minions, these characters lose all their charm once you drag them from the sidelines into the spotlight. They are a marvellous addition for any movie, but on their own the shine wears off within minutes. To be honest, I did not expect anything much from this, but I did think a project with Benedict Cumberbatch would be worth watching. I was wrong. The script was stupid. The character designs were extremely lazy and flat. The whole project looked like it was made without love or passion. Just milking the cash cow. It was missing any and all of the little visual details that normally make a good animated movie, like little scenes or funny nods and hints in the background, tiny things that catch your eye and make you laugh… this was missing everything that makes movies like How to Train Your Dragon or Wall-E work and I actually feel reluctant to name those two as examples for how it’s done right because they are so far removed from THIS.
Anyway, don’t waste your time on this.
Tags: film review

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