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This was a very strange Icelandic film. Two words: Beautiful cinematography. The nature footage was just breath-taking. And I never knew how truly magnificent Iceland horses are. Their bearing is quite regal. And they seemed well-trained, too. I thought they looked like incredibly intelligent beasts to act with. The actors themselves were great! Everything looked very natural. I can only presume that the script only loosely described what would happen because there are a lot of things in here that could not have been scripted (e.g. this guy falling into the ocean with his horse).
Also, the Icelandic people have a very, very odd sense of humour. It’s a bit like British humour, but 500 years back.
What annoyed me was that it was impossible to get decent subtitles for this so I had to watch it with only occasional (and very random) translations. Thankfully, this didn’t have all that much dialogue and the pictures spoke well for themselves.
So, incredibly beautiful to watch. Little entertainment value for people who aren’t interested in horses or Icelandic scenery, though.
Tags: film review

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