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 Odd example for a mystery thriller. Also, I didn’t quite get the ending. But I see why they wanted Laurence Fishburn in this: It’s kind of like the Matrix… sort of… I think. Anyway, fantastic actors. Really. Kudos to all of them! Strong, consistent performances enhancing well-written characters and truly bringing them to life.
Also, visually this was stunningly well-done. The visual effects blended in absolutely seamlessly and the camera work and particularly lighting were exceptional! Really great to look at, all of it.
However, despite the suspense (another bit that was excellently done) and the action, this felt strangely long. Maybe because it just posed too many questions without answers?
Anyway, I might watch this again just to look at the marvellous job the actors are doing here along with the pleasing visuals. Also, I might get this movie the second time around (was the same with the Matrix).
Tags: film review

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