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This started out fairly boring with wooden acting and strange characters (albeit nice visuals) and I soon started wondering how I'd get through 90 minutes of this. But boy did I misjudge! After about 20 minutes this little boat of a story began picking up momentum like woah! It had everything you need for a great adventure movie: the actors, after warming up, were on fire: gritty, hands-on performances by all! The film had moments of a profoundly awe-inspiring nature (e.g. the whale-shark) that made you feel the vastness of it all and the seconds half was more or less constant edge-of-your-seat tension. The character writing was excellent, giving the story yet another facet of friction.
Visually, this was also marvellous! I truly commend their VFX-artists! Most of the fishes must have been computer-generated, but they looked absolutely, flawlessly real. Again: Awe-insping. Everything was underlined by a beautiful soundtrack. It's been a while since a film got me this involved. Who could have guessed after that rocky start? Go watch!
Tags: film review

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