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Apart from the serious logic flaws this had, it wasn’t such a bad film. It had really good actors (and some eye candy too! I mean, Theo James? Wow. I want one like that!) and was actually quite gripping if a bit lengthy in places. But I would not have watched it if I had known that it would be some dystopic future flick with society issues, much like Panem. I strongly dislike these kinds of film because I get enough of unfair social systems in reality. Apart from that I expected some element of fantasy here, not this pseudo-science bullshit. Also, I would have forgone this if I had known there’s be a love story as a major plot in this film. Predictably, it threw me right into a dark pit of tearful, sobbing depression. Ugh.
But on to the worst logic flaws: One, why are there only young people in the Dauntless faction? Do they die young there? Two, what an utterly stupid idea to create a 6th faction in the form of the “Factionless” - a socially neglected, unhappy, frustrated, yet numerous faction - through throwing people out of other factions for as little as being last of the class? They are factoring in the loss of throwing out a quarter of their initiates every term because the arbitrary red line is clearly not flexible, so if every faction throws out one quarter of their people every term, the factionless effectively outnumber each other faction there by 4:1 (!!!!!) at the end of the testing period, making them the largest faction by miles! Wouldn’t if be a far smarter move to not throw people out but try to reintegrate them into society? Unhappy outcasts as the political majority make a very bad basis for a peaceful society.
Anyway, the score was great. The soundtrack too. Lots of Ellie Goulding. Even some Snow Patrol. What could be better?
As teenage flicks go, this certainly didn’t look too shabby but for reasons listed above I wouldn’t watch it again.
Edit: I just remembered why Theo James looks so familiar: a friend of mine is married to his doppelgänger!
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