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March 22 2015

what kind of name is "killbenedictcumberbatch"?
... that was probably intentional.
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March 10 2015

Well, this wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m not sure how they managed a PG-13 rating, though. This IS pretty gruesome. Anyway, this looked kind of like a GOT/Hobbit-crossover with Charles Dance and the kid who played Rickon Stark (and probably others) as well as Luke Evans. Seemed to me like they picked the seconds or thirds in line, paygrade-wise so they could spend more on visual effects. Should have invested a little more money in the script instead: The story wasn’t bad per se, but there were just too many stupid, brainless mistakes. Dracula kept making the wrong decisions and the end sort of voided most of what he did, anyway. Still, the story didn’t turn out as frustrating as with a lot of other dumb films I’ve seen and – surprisingly - it even made for some pretty thrilling stretches.
So, back to the effects: Visually, this was quite good. Well within the standard range of Hobbit and Co. I grant them that the effects and CGI-work looked really cool. Costumes, too. But they should have chosen their shots and lenses a bit better. There were some instances where the visual distortion due to the lens was certainly not intentional. Otherwise, the camera work was ok. Editing too. I congratulate them on keeping this as long (or as short) as this needed to be and not a minute longer. Lighting and make-up could have been better, though.
What I loved was the score. It was perfectly obvious from the start that it was by Ramin Djawadi, who is a genius IMO. His style is very distinct. I’m definitely going to listen to it a few times.
So, at 90 minutes the perfect runtime for one-time evening entertainment if you aren’t looking for anything too brainy. (I’d definitely take this over Godzilla anytime.) Curiously, I’m actually kind of looking forward to the sequel they implied…
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March 09 2015

This is half-way between a documentary and a historic drama. Benedict Cumberbatch as Van Gogh gives it the gravitas and depth of Hamlet. His fellow actors, especially Jamie Parker, do their part to complete the picture, re-enacting Van Gogh’s life story using purely dialogue from his letters. This makes for a strangely intense, compelling biopic and the “narrator” doesn’t even stand out that much among it all.
Great work with the sets (lots of original locations) and period-typical costumes, too! And the soundtrack! Just marvellous, so moving and epic.
All in all, a nice bit of educational tv.
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February 28 2015


Sherlock begins filming today…



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February 25 2015

Seriously, who wouldn't want to marry that?

February 22 2015

That neck! It remains the most beautiful part of BC's body, always.

February 21 2015

This was an extremely odd, disturbing film and I can’t really say I liked it. I was expecting a thriller, but the story only pulled itself together after an hour, and 10 minutes later they had already spent all their shot, so it left the second half to descend into some weird psycho-drama intimate theatre thingy character play. I mean, Ben Affleck’s character was just such a huge moron throughout the film! It was more or less impossible to like him during the first half, and just as we got to the turning point… Well, I don’t want to spoil this for you. Let’s just say: he should have run when he had the chance. It was misplaced chivalry to stay at first and later it was just damn stupidity. I kept talking to the screen telling him to get out while he still could.
Anyway, the acting was ok, though I have to say the girls were by far the best. Rosamund Pike delivered a bone-chilling performance, Carrie Coon was great and even the girl at the motel or whatever that was, was brilliant.
The script was too long. It needs a trim. The whole film could have been cut down by about 20 minutes at the least. Visually, this was very well-made. Great lighting. Decent make-up. Good effects. Really solid. But it lacked everything a thriller needs. In fact, I was so bored in parts that I started playing 2048, something I generally do not do while watching a film.
So: Don’t expect too much here, but settle in for some great acting to get you over the strange and puzzling story.
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February 17 2015

this was adorable (even though I expected more of a comedy)! The story was unique, though not exactly unpredictable as a whole. However, they had surprising plot details. This was clearly made with a lot of love by a huge number of people, among them Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Ben Kingsley, Isaac Hempstead Wright and others.
Visually, stop-motion remains a valid way of making a film. The little details they put in can compete with any animated movie, no problem. (I also loved how they put in that little post-credits nod towards the animators. That’s probably my favourite scene!) This kind of work deserves some recognition.
So: good film for people of all ages, shapes and sizes!
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February 15 2015

This was frustrating. It started out fine. Intriguing story, great actors, impressive visuals - the whole lot. Even some Lord-of-the-Flies-like social study elements that could have been used a little more. But things started to go pear-shaped the moment those monster things turned up. They so clearly were man-made which implied that whoever put these children in the maze for their entertainment wanted them rather dead than alive, but tigers or crocodiles were not enough. It had to be nightmare-monsters. Okay, so far, so dumb. But what they dished out as an "explanation" for the whole plot during the last 10 minutes was just such utter nonsense that it didn't even begin to explain why those kids had to be put through all of this. In fact, they negated themselves IMO. If a sadistic asshole with a lot of money had been behind this it would have made a lot more sense. And the worst thing: They were setting this story up for a sequel! After they discredited themselves so thoroughly, who's going to watch another movie like this?!
So, visually okay. Acting great. Also not at all boring. But the explanation for the whole mess sent the film to hell in a hand basket, as the saying goes, because it made non sense whatsoever.
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February 11 2015

The way his eyes change with the lighting is the most amazing thing!

February 08 2015

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I’ve wanted to see Robert Downey Jr. in something a little more serious for a while because I believe he can do it. Well, here he did, and though things didn’t go down completely without his trademark humour, I do think this counts as “serious”. His performance was very good, not mind-blowing, but convincing and three-dimensional. The whole film reminded me of “August: Osage County”, which I had enjoyed (to my eternal surprise). Everybody else was great, too. I liked Billy Bob Thornton.
The movie itself could have been cut down by at least 20 minutes. It wasn’t exactly boring (quite the opposite once the plot started to thicken), but you can only spend so much time on the family drama and still keep the audiences’ attention. That said, I expected a little more tension in the psychodrama aspect of things.
Visually, this was a solid piece of work. I particularly liked the soundtrack, too. But I wouldn’t exactly call a movie like that “entertainment”, so it’s only for a one-time viewing, all things said.
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I can see why Assange wasn’t in favour of this film. It doesn’t put him in a good light. Kind of like “The Social Network”, really. (It’s probably to be expected, going by the main source of the film, but I was hoping for a more balanced approach.) Benedict Cumberbatch did an adequate job, as expected, though his carefully crafted accent and inflection from the beginning of the movie seems to have slipped over the duration. I really did think that Daniel Brühl and David Thewlis were the best actors in this, though. But it doesn’t matter. Everybody was good. And I was thrilled to see Alexander Siddig here.
The script wandered a bit. I thought the virtual reality scenes were a weird attempt at moving this in a more profound, artsy direction which was unnecessary for a biopic and I could have done without them. The romance between Brühl’s character and his girlfriend was also something that got far too much screen time.
Other than that the picture ad a good, solid ring to it. The lighting was very aesthetic, but they could have put a little more effort into the sets. They started to look the same after a while.
Anyway, strange film. Not the best one that could have been made from the material, but enlightening none the less. Also, I hadn’t realised that I experienced this major leak of 2010 as a contemporary witness: I remember stumbling over the Apache attack video footage somewhere while watching TV and they only had sparse commentary and no subtitles, but my English is good enough that I understood every word and it was so shocking because it confirmed my worst expectations of how things go when Americans wage war. My mother came in, saw my face and asked me what was wrong and I just broke down in tears, trying to explain what I had just seen.
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February 07 2015

woah, this was a long film. It felt like an opera: bloated and dragging. The first half hour could have been cut by about 45 minutes. All in all, this film should not have come out longer than 80 minutes by my estimation. They wasted time on story lines that were unnecessary and didn’t need further explanation, extended fight scenes and pointless slow-motion. In between the special effects there was little room for acting, which is why I don’t feel like I can properly judge what Andrew Garfield and co did here. I give them this, though: that last bit with the kid was genuinely moving. And I like Spidy’s humour, even though his cheekiness boarders on arrogance that needs to be taken down a peg or three.
Anyway, visually not nearly as impressive as Guardians of the Galaxy, which I watched yesterday, though it seemed to employ about the same amount of CGI. And they tried to pack too much into just one film. Three villains is just overdoing it.
I could rant a bit more but I’m not gonna. I have better things to do. As for re-watching: I’d rather give the Toby Maguire ones another go. They had James Franco, at least.
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February 06 2015

Okay movie, I suppose. I was expecting something a little different, for example I kept wondering who these "Guardians" were supposed to be since the movie seemed to be about exactly one smart-mouthed guy who made a lot of annoyed enemies very quickly. The picture took a while to pull together properly.
Anyway, good acting. I only recognised Lee Pace because he did some typical head move in the beginning and I didn't notice who Karen Gillan was at all. I was a bit disappointed they only painted Zoe Saldana green. That seemed a bit cheap. (also, those pink people looked like they had a chronic case of carbon monoxide-poisoning. Very unhealthy skin tone to have.) I didn't find that the voice-acting and what we actually saw of the character on screen fit together for Rocket.
The script was okay. I'm puzzled by how well they avoided making this into a Star Wars / Star Trek / Green Lantern / HHGTTG / ... parody rip-off. That was a job well done! Furthermore, while there weren't nearly as many jokes in there as I expected (I only laughed a handful of times), the dialogue wasn't cheesy and there were a few moments towards the end that genuinely brought tears to my eyes. The character development was also pretty comprehensive, which is a feat for such a film.
The CGI was quite awesome. They put a lot of money into this and it paid off. Rocket was cute. Groot seemed a bit smooth but I liked his eyes. I'm also glad, though, to see that for some things they have returned to relying on make-up and prosthetics. All in all a well-made film by any and all modern standards. The only thing that really, really bothered me and dragged down the comedy aspect of it all was the horrific and sometimes pretty graphic violence. I was not expecting that and I'd rather had it another way.
The score was good, too, and the soundtrack a stroke of genius. It was half the fun, I'd even say.
Anyway, not going among my favourite films, but worthwhile and certainly worth a second look.
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February 04 2015

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Amateure-made music video to Longdown by iko

This is such a brilliant, moving piece of incredibly professional looking work I can hardly believe it's barely got 3000 klicks! This deserves all the views it can get! It LOVE it!

January 29 2015



"And now what, John?"

"Now you get yourself into that airplane and then fight your way back to me, understood?"

sherlock au in which everything is the same but in the tarmac John just know.

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omg, this actually made my stomach flip! It's utter, UTTER perfection!
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