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I’m actually quite embarrassed to admit I watched this. I mean, normally this is what fanfic's for, right? Anyway, I have to say after some starting difficulties this turned out really rather surprisingly good. The actors took a while to warm up to the roles (that might have been due to the initially quite shaky writing) and to each other. You don’t really buy Ana’s shy wall-flower act at the beginning (because the actress clearly has the self-confidence her character lacks) and the chemistry is pretty much NOT there at the start, but we get there. Especially Christian turned out to be an amazing actor (and not too bad on the eyes. That helped too.) and gave a startlingly good performance of this tortured little man-child looking for love. That was actually rather touching in parts. All in all, the characters turned out well. I was satisfied to see that Ana had some steel in her after all and wasn’t the naïve pushover I pegged her for in the beginning.
The cinematography was all pretty great and tasteful, too. There were a few instances of breaking style, eg. with that slo-mo scene, but all in all this was aesthetically pleasing and I have to commend them for how resourceful they were when filming the nude scenes, cleverly teasing but never actually really showing anything at all. Good camera work there.
So, I’d say a well-made film. I was never bored and it even had some pretty funny moments. It definitely does not deserve the bad rating it got. But what the hell was that ending? The story left me hanging pretty badly. One of the most frustrating endings I’ve ever seen. That was not okay. I suppose I’ll need to deduct points for that again…
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