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I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that this was by the Warchovskis in the credits. Also I was floored that Sean Bean was in this and DIDN’T DIE! In fact, I thought it was him but as he was still alive by the times the credits rolled around I had myself convinced that it just couldn’t be. Anyway, the acting was okay, I guess. Surprisingly, I liked Channing Tatum here and he and Mila had good chemistry, too.
The story itself was a bit flat and unoriginal. I strongly disliked the extended action sequences, which – while visually mature and well-done – bored me to death after a while. A chase is not interesting if you know who’s going to win. Neither is a fight. No need to wallow in the visuals, no matter how impressive the effects may be.
So, visually this was quite good with top-shelve effects and CGI work, but the plot could have used a bit of work and the script a little trimming. On top of that, the writing was rather confusing (see “Matrix”, so nothing new there) so much so that I got subs halfway through the film because I just couldn’t keep up with who wanted what and had which agenda and I wasn’t even sure I heard them right any more.
Anyway, this brought a fantastic score with it, epic and sweeping but so not fitting the film… Pity.
Good thing I was ultimately going for “brainless” instead of “brainy” (other choice for the evening: Interstellar) tonight. Nice for a one-off with average entertainment value, but nothing more.
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