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well, this was a surprisingly non-generic girl-and-horse story. The plot was mostly unpredictable, except for the broad, general direction, though it had some unrealistic notions in it, but hey! As with all horse-movies it had me at the edge of my seat (it’s a mystery to me why anything with a horse in it gives me the shakes like any well-made noir horror movie). The acting was decent, not Oscar-material but quite bearable. Especially the main characters’ friend was great and she herself seems to be a really good rider, which I appreciate.
The cinematography was good. Beautiful lighting, great sets,… but the editing destroyed a lot of it, giving it a home-made feel at time which you want to avoid with most movies at all costs. What especially irked me was that they had this fantastic song by Kate Havnevik and totally, utterly bypassed the opportunity for some truly glorious editing to the music… makes me itch to do it myself!
Anyway, this – predictably – wants me want to ride again. Oh, and I’m going to watch the sequel, I think.
Tags: film review

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