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wow. Haven’t had the opportunity to watch any movies in recent weeks and I picked this huge thing for starters after my fasting. What a stunning film! Matthew Macauneghy is really a force to recon with (the only thing he has to work on is his mumbling). He really pulled out all the stops – again. The others were great, too, and I have to say that though Michael Caine’s role was small, it was still a good sample of his legendary skills. There’s a reason he has so many fans. I also loved Macenzie Foy. She was marvellous. Her emotions seemed astoundingly real and credible. Good thing she’s grown past “Twilight”. Finally, I was thrilled to see Matt Damon had a small part here, too.
Anyway, the story seemed in large parts to be nonsense and horrifyingly inaccurate pseudo-science, but I was able to suspend my disbelief through most of it and enjoy the unfolding of the plot, not least because the wrapping looked so shiny and obviously put together with great care. Bottom line, this emotional thriller really gnawed at my nerves and made me cry quite a bit in more places than I care to remember.
On top of that, the visuals were astounding. This is really cinema at the height of space movies. I would have LOVED to see this in 3D. I adore how they utilised silence in space and marvel at how they did the zero-G stuff and how accurate a lot of this seemed (visually). They had me go “woah!” more than once. This is also due to the effects which blended into all of it absolutely seamlessly. As I said: top shelf modern quality cinema.
The music was good, too, though not that remarkable. And I never would have suspected it to be Hans Zimmer, so kudos for re-inventing himself.
Really the only thing that could have been tweaked a bit was the plot. It walked the thin line between wild but enjoyable sifi and absurdity a few times. But I really don’t want to complain too much. This took almost three hours but it was never boring. On the contrary: they filled the minutes effortlessly.
So, all in all, great work!
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